Client Portal

The Client Portal can only be accessed by client's who have completed their intake packet. If you submitted an appointment request, an intake packet will be sent to you electronically by one of our support staff. If you have already completed the packet, please log in below.

Instructions on How to Connect to Virtual Sessions

  1. Type in the email you provided at intake and the password you created to complete your intake forms above

  2. Go to appointments and select “Start Session” next to the appointment for that day

  3. Type in your name where it asks you to do so

  4. Once you see yourself in on the screen you are in the waiting area

  5. When your therapist is connected and ready to begin select “Join Resolution Point”. This

    button ONLY pops up when your therapist is connected so be on the lookout. Try to connect at least 5- 10 min before your scheduled appointment time.

  6. If you’re late to your appointment, you must select “Kept Appointments” on the top of the appointments section in the Client Portal.

  7. Please remember anything later than 15min past your scheduled appointment time is considered a Late Cancel!

  8. Please DO NOT connect through your phone or other devices in a moving vehicle both for safety reasons and connectivity issues.

  9. You may have connectivity issues if you are in session while others in your home are streaming services like Netflix or Hulu and/or playing videos games at the same time. These tend to slow down your modem/router significantly.