Saleem Brown


Saleem is a licensed mental health social worker who has acquired his Master’s Degree in Social Work and post-graduate certification in Addictions Counseling from Rutgers University. Saleem has worked within the addiction population for over 3 years, providing psycho-education to his clients.  He has also served as a member of the Drug Court Multidisciplinary Team. Saleem has also worked with adolescents in a residential setting as a certified mediator. Saleem's counseling philosophy is a client-centered approach making therapy a reciprocal process and collaborative effort. Techniques that Saleem applies is CBT, DBT, Psycho-education and Psychoanalysis.

This Therapist accepts the following Insurances:

Aetna (Including NJ Family Care), Cigna/Qualcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield (Not including NJ Family Care).    

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