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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Insurances do you Accept? 

Resolution Point accepts most major insurances. However, every insurance provider has multiple plans and policies  that may or may not be accepted. we do verify every insurance to ensure that we accept each client's specific plans. As of February 27, 2023, we accept the following insurances:


                                      Aetna                                                     Magellan      

                                      Amerihealth                                          Medicare      

                                      Beacon Health                                      Optum  

                                      Blue Cross Blue Shield                         Oxford 

                                      Cigna                                             Qualcare 

                                      Empire                                                   Tricare

                                      Evernorth                                               United Healthcare 

We DO NOT accept: 


Horizon NJ Family Care

Any and all Medicaid Plans 


 2. Do you have any in-person sessions? 

As of October 1, 2022, Resolution Point closed its physical location in East Brunswick New Jersey and went completely virtual due to the impact that COVID caused. Both therapists and clients became too afraid to have close contact. As a result, we have decided to go virtual in order to promote good public health standards. 

 3. How often can I be seen by my therapist at Resolution Point?

Clients can be seen as often as twice per week or as little as once every two weeks (bi-weekly) starting out. If a client requires to be seen more than twice per week we will refer them out to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). We will not see new clients less than bi-weekly as it makes it difficult for both the therapist and the client to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship. We highly recommend starting out weekly, which is the standard, for best results. 

 4. Do you have a prescriber on site? 

Resolution Point began by seeking to become a one stop shop. However, we quickly realized that many clients confused the role of a psychiatrist versus a counselor. Additionally, many facilities that have their own prescribers typically require you to see their prescriber if you see their counselors. However, their prescriber may not always suit your needs. Therefore, at Resolution Point we focus on the counseling process first and assess for the need for medication management. Although we may not have our own prescribers, if you and your counselor believe that medication is necessary, we will ensure that we provide the support you require to make that happen. By not having an on-site prescriber, it allows you the freedom to choose your own prescriber to best meet your needs. 

 5. What is the youngest age you see? 

The youngest age we serve at Resolution Point is 5 years old. If your child is younger than 5yo and you feel they require behavioral health support then you may want to speak to your Pediatrician or a Pediatric Neuropsychologist. 

 6. Do you provide a sliding scale if I pay out-of-pocket?

For years, Mental Health has been treated as "less than" in comparison to other medical specialties. However, most of the literature continues to support how vital it is to overall health. Resolution Point wants to ensure that it's staff provides the best support possible, and in order to so, we must ensure that our staff is given a fair wage. Therefore, we do not provide a sliding scale but we do offer promotional rates from time to time to special populations (e.g. students, active military and veterans). Many of these rates may be for a limited time, so you can text us at 732-354-0050 or email us at to see if you are eligible for any promotional rates. 

 7. Your headquarters is based out of New Jersey, so do I have to reside in New Jersey in order to see a therapist at Resolution Point? 

Resolution Point has therapists all throughout the U.S. and also internationally. We can provide services to anyone in any state and we even serve active military on bases outside of the U.S. Pretty much we can serve anyone in the world, as long as we either accept your insurance or you agree to our payment terms. 

 8. How soon can I get an appointment? 

Once you complete the "Request an Appointment Form", our support staff will get back to you within 24-48 hours. During the 24-48 hours our staff is reviewing your information to verify benefits and see which therapist is the best fit to meet your needs. By the time we contact you back, we will have clear answers to the next steps. If all looks good, you can start as soon as one week after we complete review of your request. If we are unable to schedule you due to lack of availability, we will automatically add you to our waiting list and contact you as soon as something becomes available. We cannot tell you how long you may wait as the therapeutic process is a confidential one and our support is only informed once someone officially graduates or decides to terminate services. 

 9. I read some of the therapist bios and found someone I love, can I pick the therapist I want? 

Our Support Staff is always open to suggestions, however we typically don't recommend that clients choose a therapist. Our Support Staff is thoroughly trained to understand the capabilities and limitations of each one of our therapists. Therefore, after reviewing your appointment request, they will be able to recommend who is most likely to be a suitable match to meet your needs.  

 10. What if I meet my therapist and I do not feel it's a good fit?

Finding a good therapist is an age old challenge. Every therapist is different and you will either vibe with them or you won't. Since Resolution Point is a group practice, we have over 15 therapists and growing, who all have different personalities and approaches. So if you're not satisfied, simply call the mainline during normal business hours and speak to one of our support staff members to request a transfer. 

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